Hotel Santo Stefano

Hotel Santo Stefano – Portoferraio, Isola d’Elba - Tel. 0565 933161

Safe Stay

Health and safety  measures in  Hotel Santo Stefano

*Our visitors do not need a health certificate  prior to arrival

* We perform random temperature checks upon guests’ arrivals

* We ensure contactless check-in/check-out through plexiglass structures in reception

* Our guests access their room entrance directly from outside the hotel without entering the hotel lobby

* Our guests can decide for no in-room house keeping during their stay

* We  allow fresh air to enter the rooms by leaving the windows open between departures and arrivals

* Our cleaning crew wear appropriate personal protective equipment

* We daily sanitize common areas

* We sanitize guest’s keys

*  All employees  are trained and monitored to follow a cleaning protocol

* We  use disinfectants approved by regulatory authorities that kill the COVID-19 virus

* We use electrostatic sprayers with hospital-grade disinfectant to sanitize surfaces

* We disinfect high touch areas in guest rooms including light switches and door handles

*Furniture and table in public areas arranged to allow more space for distancing

* We do not allow people who don’t stay at the hotel to enter the rooms

* We have altered check-in / check-out hours to allow more time between departures and arrivals

* We do provide medical kits (masks, gloves and sanitizer) to the staff

* We do provide medical kits (masks,  sanitizer) to the guests

* Hand sanitizing stations are provided throughout the hotel

* Signage in lobbies   remind guests to maintain social distancing protocols

* Unnecessary items  are removed from guest rooms, such as decorative pillows, bed scarves, paper notepads and pens

* All linens, towels and laundry are washed in accordance with the official guidelines

* We have clear guidelines on how to handle suspected or confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19)

*  A doctor is available on-call

* Our Hotel was closed during the pandemic period from October 2019 till 27 June 2020