Hotel Santo Stefano

Hotel Santo Stefano – Portoferraio, Isola d’Elba - Tel. 0565 933161


Get your ferry cheaper with us.

Hotel Santo Stefano can book for you discounted tickets for the BluNavy ferries.

The following timetable is valid from April 15 to October 16, 2018

Departure daily from Piombino Departure daily from Portoferraio
7:45 am 6:00 am
10:45 am 9:15 am
1:45 pm 12:15 pm
4:45 pm 3:15 pm
8:00 pm 6:30 pm

For rates or reservation, we need the type, the length and the license number of your vehicle, the number of persons and if children, their age, and of course the desired departure times. You pay the fare including booking fee by bank transfer or by credit card and we will send you the ticket by email.


You can also book discounted Tickets for the ferries of  Toremar, Moby Lines and Corsica Ferries at using the form below.  Ask us for the discount code.
You pay with your credit card and get the tickets by email.
Information on all routes, rates and departure times can be found here.

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